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Early Acceleration of Reading and Literacy in YoungstersThe Early Acceleration of Reading and Literacy in Youngsters Lab (the EARLY Lab) is directed by Professor Seung-Hee Claire Son in the University of Utah Department of Educational Psychology. The EARLY Lab develops research-based information and provides policy-related supports in regard to the education of young children, including preschoolers and primary graders. Our research focuses on early childhood development and education, especially early language and reading-related skills of at-risk children with social or economic disparities in Utah as well as across the United States. The EARLY Lab is interested in the identification of important predictors of early literacy, including home and classroom learning environments and instructions, and informal learning contexts of community, library, and museum, and their policy and intervention practice implications. We have also actively investigated multiple factors that improve early development of reading behaviors, engagement, and learning. We are seeking strong graduate and undergraduate students interested in studying reading, literacy, and language development of young children by conducting community-based projects as well as by utilizing national and local data.

Last Updated: 9/17/21